So Many Pieces! Assembling a Robot Arm

When I opened the box of our new Robot Arm Kit and saw the number of pieces, I wondered how on earth I was going to put it together! Once upon a time, I would cringe at having to get a screwdriver to open a battery compartment!  I’m proud to say that, not only did I manage to put the Robot Arm together, it actually worked too!

To my surprise, I found the assembly process enjoyable, relaxing and very rewarding.  The most challenging aspect for me was identifying the variety of screws, nuts and bolts, as many were quite similar.  The kit also came with a controller that also required some assembly.  We also purchased a USB Interface Kit, allowing us to connect the Robot Arm to a computer and program it via the supplied Robot Arm software.

Curriculum resources are also available for this technology such as Robotic Arm Edge Activities & Curriculum.


Welcome to Our New Robotics Researchers!


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Welcome to Our New Robotics Researchers! As part of our Year 9 Electives Program, students once again have the opportunity to participate in our Robotics Research Project.  Students use OpenSim to create a 3D object, then use Scratch 4 OpenSim … Continue reading

Robotics by Shandyl

1. Outline what you were aiming to achieve ‘in world’ in terms of your robot. That is, give an outline of what you wanted to create and how you wanted it to operate.

I was trying to make a pool so it would follow me around but I couldn’t make the right script so I made a ball that comes when I call it.

2. Include a copy of the Linden Script in a separate notepad (text) document. Access this through Windows > All programs > Accessories > Notepad

// levelOut()
// remove the x and y rotation components, so that the object is
// level with respect to the ground
Makes it level to the ground so it will not go into the ground. 3. How could your robot be improved further? Provide an outline of at least one other thing that could be achieved in world.

Make my ball follow me around. Maybe make it look like there is water in the pool.