Make Magazine: An essential resource for Maker Ed!

After reading about Make Magazine in Invent to Learn by Sylvia Martinez and Gary Stager, I immediately ordered some back issues and took out a subscription.  Make has quickly become an essential resource for me!

The format has changed slightly and increased to six issues per year so there’s just enough time between issues to read it from cover to cover, explore the many online resources that accompany the articles and try some of the projects yourself!

I now have copies of Make in our eLearning Room and have noticed that students have also started to take an interest in it.  The recent special feature about Drones and the amazing PiPad Raspberry Pi Tablet were some favourites that inspired our students to read, explore and create their own Maker projects.

Make Magazine Makerspace

Image from the Make Magazine article, Kickstart a Kids’ Makerspace at

Making a Record Player with LEGO WeDo & Scratch

The book, Invent to Learn, is not only changing the way I look at teaching and learning but is also helping me to rediscover the “maker” in me.  As a child, I loved LEGO and still have some of my original red and white bricks that I played with as a child, more than 30 years ago.

There are many exciting resources mentioned in Invent to Learn, including Make Magazine.  After reading about Make, I immediately arranged a subscription, ordered some back issues and started exploring the projects on their fabulous website.
I came across the “LEGO Phonograph” posted by Josh Burker.  Josh’s excellent step-by-step instructions made it the perfect first LEGO WeDo project for me to tackle!

One of the most enjoyable parts of this project was finding some old vinyl records to use.  I still have some treasured “singles” and “albums” but was a little scared to use these for fear of damage.  One of my local Salvos Stores had a huge range of inexpensive vinyl records that were prefect for the project!

You can view the results of the project below or click here to view the movie on the BGS eLearning YouTube Channel.