Post 1: Expanding Learning Horizons Conference 2011

Normally when I return from a Conference or participate in Professional Development, I want to blog about it straight away. All of the ideas are buzzing around in my head and I feel the need to share them immediately. This year, after attending the Expanding Learning Horizons Conference, I felt that I needed to take some time to gather resources, follow up items and bring together the many wonderful ideas and discussions that took place over the three days, from Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th August 2011.

I felt that the most efficient way for me to report back on this conference would be to use my first post to share the session resources and my second post to bring together the key ideas that will assist us in implementing our action plan.

All of the conference resources are available via my elh11 Diigo list.  You can click here to view the resources.

During each of the ELH sessions, I used Twitter as much as possible. By posting short updates, I was able to easily share conference resources as well as follow the valuable discussions via the #elh11 tag. A number of tweets were posted via our Ballarat Grammar Twitter account. You can click here to view the Ballarat Twitter page.

Apart from online resources, there were a number of very worthwhile print resources that were mentioned during the sessions I attended. Whilst we already have many excellent books such as A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink and The Element by Sir Ken Robinson, I can’t wait to get my hands on a number of books that were mentioned either during the keynote presentations or during “Why is change so hard?” the Critical Conversation with Jenny Little from Korowa Anglican Girls’ School.