Project 2: About Me


I was fortunate enough to enjoy a long weekend due to the Queen’s Birthday Public Holiday today.  The weekend has given me a little extra time to devote to creating an “About Me” project.

From this project, I was able to explore some Scratch features that I had not used before including:

  • Uploading recorded sounds
  • Using the Sound Editor tools to edit uploaded recordings
  • Exploring a variety of websites to find appropriate images/icons to use as sprites


I’ve reflected on the work I’ve done for this “About Me” project according to the “triplet” for reviewing work:

  • I like the way a user can click a sprite to make something happen. 
  • I wish I had more time to devote to this project as I would have loved to have added some narration and even a little more text with further explanations about the items I chose.
  • What if I added more features to the sprites?  For example, make the girl dance when the music plays, make the TARDIS spin when its sound plays.  What if we made this project part of our activities for the new school year?  Scratch is not only an excellent way for students to create an “About Me” presentation but the Scratch Community would also be a wonderful way for students to share and comment on each other’s work.

You can click here to view my “About Me” project.


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