Go!Animate 4 Schools with Year 11 Chemistry

We recently commenced a subscription to Go!Animate 4 Schools after our Head of Science expressed interest in trialling this web 2.0 tool with her students.

As part of Year 11 Chemistry, students have to explore the lives of famous scientists, particularly those who have had an influence in the field of Chemistry.

Usually, the students would research their chosen scientist then present their information in a Word document or PowerPoint slideshow that would be submitted to their teacher.

After seeing a colleague give a presentation that incorporated Go!Animate, our Head of Science could see the possibilities.

We started with a small number of accounts that were allocated to staff and students.  In pairs, students researched their chosen scientist, devised a storyboard outlining the key points then created an animation using Go!Animate 4 Schools that was two to three minutes in duration.


The positive outcomes of the project were:

·         A high level of student engagement

·         The opportunity to develop skills in the use of a new program

·         The opportunity to develop problem solving skills by assisting others to use Go!Animate, troubleshoot and find solutions to challenges

·         The opportunity to share their work with a global audience

·         The additional access to a bank of desktop computers in the Science area meant that students who were experiencing difficulties using their netbooks, had an alternative computer


I visited one of the Year 11 Chemistry classes as they shared their Go!Animate creations – and popcorn!  What struck me was the creative ways every group had approached the project and the way they managed to use the Go!Animate tools to their full advantage.  Characters, settings, importing images, voices and even voices in other languages were used to cleverly convey the key points about their chosen scientist.


I would like to congratulate our Head of Science, the staff and students for their enthusiasm and “can do” attitude throughout our first Go!Animate 4 Schools project.

If you would like further information about Go!Animate 4 Schools subscriptions, visit http://goanimate4schools.com






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