Going “inside the game” with Minecraft

Going “inside the game” with Minecraft

Minecraft has been a very popular activity in the Library this year so, as part of our Inside the Game theme this term, we decided to focus on the use of Minecraft as a creation tool.

One of our current displays features items related to Minecraft including books about rocks and minerals as well as some real gemstones.  Students have also assisted to create the display with some Minecraft Papercraft blocks.  I’ve also purchased some goodies from one of my favourite online stores, ThinkGeek, including a Minecraft Foam Pickaxe and Minecraft Magnets.

Although we don’t have our own Minecraft server, students are encouraged (and very keen) to share the items they have created via their individual accounts.  When you speak to students and ask them why they enjoy using Minecraft, their answers are always similar, “I like Minecraft because I love to create things.”

Everyday, I am greeted with an exciting new creation from one of our Miners!  Recently, one of our students, Corey, created his own TRON Minecraft avatar using Microsoft Paint.  By examining the Paint file of another Minecraft avatar, Corey modified it then uploaded the new file to use as his own avatar.  (Screen shot to come!)

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