Going “inside the game” with Kodu Game Lab

Going “inside the game” with Kodu Game Lab

Kodu Game Lab is a free download that allows you to create your own Xbox style games.  As yet, we are unable to play the games on the Xbox console, however, the games still make a great impact when played on a PC with a Windows Controller.

We started by making two versions of a very simple game called, Rock Chase.  The object of the game was to use the cycle to run over the rocks to score points.  If the wisps flying through the sky hit your cycle, you lost points.

The day before our Year 8’s were going on their camp to Lake Eildon, we decided to alter the Rock Chase game by adding Lake Eildon words to each of the rocks.  Therefore, players had to run over the rocks with the Lake Eildon words to score points.  As we played each of the games, the scores were recorded and students enjoyed trying to beat their “personal best” or their peer’s highest score.

The object of these activities was to generate interest in games creation and in the use of the Kodu Game Lab software.  It is a free download, has excellent tutorials available to get you started, allows users to create simple games yet there is the potential to create much more involved games using the advanced features.

It was great to see students asking questions about the software and the Windows Controller. Kodu Game Lab allows you to easily share your games creations with others to play and edit. We shared our Rock Chase with one of our students, Andrew, who made his own improvements and then shared it with us 🙂

Visit the sites below to learn more about Kodu Game Lab and obtain the free download:

You can also download our basic Rock Chase game and try creating your own version 🙂

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