Inside the Game

Inside the Game

This term, we are very excited to be focusing on games creation and the architecture of games. In future posts, we’ll outline aspects of our Inside the Game project in greater detail.  In particular, we are exploring the use of OpenSim, Minecraft, Kodu Game Lab and Kinect2Scratch.  Various activities are taking place in our Senior Library, where interested students from Years 7 to 10 have the opportunity to participate during recess and lunch times.  Having students test various software and work on personal projects is also providing us with valuable information for possible uses in our 2012 curriculum.

So far, our Virtual Worlds Project Team have been exploring “The Architecture of Games” and Kodu Game Lab has been enthusiastically received with students playing and editing Xbox style games with the use of a Windows Controller.

Stay tuned!  There’s more to come!

Special thanks to:
The students from Northern Beaches Christian School for their “Minecraft Pixel Art” image
Tara, for her OpenSim creations and
Stephen Howell for sharing his Kinect2Scratch software 

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