Welcome to the new BGS eLearning Blog!

Welcome to the new BGS eLearning Blog!

Welcome to our new blog!  Previously, this blog was known as BGS Virtual Worlds and was used by our students to share their work as part of our school’s Virtual Worlds Project.  However, we felt that a method for sharing information about other eLearning Projects was also needed.  You can find more detailed information about Begonia Island, our OpenSim Virtual Worlds Project at http://begoniaisland.edublogs.org/

In 2011 we have continued to explore a number of exciting areas such as games creation using Kodu Game Lab, Scratch and use of the Microsoft Kinect Sensor Camera with these tools.  We have also had lots of fun creating our own special BeeBot, “Phee-Bee” who has been programmed to complete some exciting journeys around our Senior Library this year!

You can follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/bgselearning

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