In-World Robotics by Ryan

In-World Robotics by Ryan

I aimed to gain a greater understanding of the use of scripts and hoping that I can use this in a programing context in a physical world situation. My robots that I made in world were not very complex; my initial and main robot was a ‘smile face’ that would conduct three main tasks.

“GO” – the bot would say “Of we go!!!” and the turn in a large circle and stoping back where it started.

“COME HERE” – the bot would point to the owner (me), roll 360 degrees and move 20 meters.

“KILL” – the bot would point to the closest avatar and move 40 meters then return home.

The programing that I placed in the robot was one of the many successes I experience throughout the term. I was one of the first of build my robot and then give it a script to run off. Another success was building the actual robot.  I thought it was a really great bit of work and one of the first thing placed in the virtual world by our class.  I think that the whole term has been quite good, but would have been a little bit better if we could have used the Lego robots but this was made impossible via the software differences. The virtual world was also a bit temperamental and caused me to misplace the “Smile Face” robot  because of the glitches caused by everyone being on the sever.

The definition of a robot- “A robot can be defined as a programmable, self-controlled device consisting of electronic, electrical, or mechanical units. More generally, it is a machine that functions in place of a living agent”  I think that my robot does fit this definition of a robot, it is programmable, through its use of the linden script.  It could be self-controlled if I changed the script which would be quite easy. It also consists of electronic and mechanical units as the robot on “in world”.

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