Welcome to the BGS Virtual Worlds Posterous Site!

This site has been set up for students and teachers to share their work as part of our school’s Virtual Worlds Program using Quest Atlantis and OpenSim.

Students can email their contributions that will appear on this site after being moderated by their teacher.  The Posterous format allows us to easily share our work with our peers, teachers and an audience around the world!

Things to note about contributing to this site:

.: The subject line of your email becomes the title of your post on this site (For example: My House Design)

.: An image attached to your email becomes an image that will appear in your post

.: The text that you type in the body of your email becomes the text that will appear in your post

.: If you have an email signature, you need to remove it from the message you send, otherwise it will appear in the post

Remember:  As this site can be viewed by a global audience it is important to protect your privacy.  Please do not share any personal information when your contribute to this site. 

We look forward to seeing and reading about your Virtual Worlds experiences!

Avasari J

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