2009 Reflections


For me, the end of a year brings with it the opportunity to reflect on what has been achieved and, most importantly, lessons learnt.  Of course, by the time we reach the end of the school year, most of us are tired, run-down and looking forward to the holidays!  On the positive side, though, there are feelings of satisfaction in regard to the year’s achievements as well as excitement looking forward to the following year’s projects.  However, the end of 2009 didn’t have me looking forward with the usual excitement to the new year.  Why?  How on earth could my enthusiasm be dwindling?

During 2009, the main projects I worked on were:

Whilst all of these projects were/are interesting, exciting and challenging, I find myself feeling quite “flat” as I look to the future.  I think that part of this comes down to neglecting my personal life and being consumed in my work.  Much of what I do in my role is also a hobby for me.  It is, therefore, easy for the school/home line to become blurred.

A colleague once said to me,

“You plant the seeds, Lucy.  All around the school, you plant the seeds.  Some of these grow and flourish and others don’t.  And that is to be expected.”

Once upon a time, I was happy for just some of these seeds to grow and flourish.  However, now I find myself questioning if the heart and soul that you put into planting these seeds is really worthwhile.  At times, the pace of change is so slow that I fear we will just continue plodding along.  Is it acceptable to continue having a handful of staff who understand the importance and possibilities when using ICT in the curriculum?  Can we achieve a whole-school approach to this as others do, where it is clear that ICT is a priority?

Whilst I am not one for “New Year’s Resolutions”, I have decided that I need to devote more time to “getting back to basics” in terms of my own well-being and that of my family.  My hope is that in feeling better about myself I will be able to contribute with greater clarity to my school work and renew my sense of enthusiasm.

I will take great care in planting the seeds – but only where they will grow and flourish.