Do you have a spare keyboard?

“Do you have a black keyboard that you don’t need anymore? We just need the keys.”

My colleague, Jane, must have seen the blank look on my face and responded immediately with, “I have a student who’s making a dress out of recycled computer parts and she’s using the keys to make a belt.”

I was immediately intrigued by this and knew I had to take a look at the student’s work. After all, it was computer parts we were talking about!

I’m happy to say that our Technical Services staff were able to locate a keyboard and the dress was completed! ┬áThe next day I met the creator, Thea, and watched as she made the finishing touches and completed her semester long project.

Apart from the belt made from keys, I was amazed at the work that had gone into the bodice, using a number of motherboards, carefully crafted with metalwork tools.

When I asked Thea how many hours she estimated her project had taken, she smiled and said, “A looong time!” Her peers agreed with her!

I would like to thank Thea for allowing me to publish the photos of her project and share them via this blog. An incredible example of creativity and recycling!