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In looking back on 2008, one of the most positive influences in my life has been establishing a PLN or Personal Learning Network.

My PLN is not just made up of colleagues or even former colleagues.  It is made up of educators from around the world, some of which I had the great pleasure of meeting in 2008 and some of which I certainly hope to meet in the future.

Without doubt the most valuable tool I have used for establishing my PLN has been Twitter.

Twitter has provided me with the opportunity to:

  • share and discover new resources (my Delicious links have gone through the roof, thanks to Twitter!)
  • ask for and offer assistance to colleagues about a range of ICT and education issues
  • have access to a never-ending amount of professional development (reading the blogs of other educators has been extremely worthwhile)
  • feel a deep sense of gratitude for my home, town I live in, school I work in and the wonderful people in my life
  • share lots of funny moments and even some heart-breaking ones
I compiled the slideshow below using One True Media which was passed onto me by the lovely Amanda Marrinan via Twitter.  (Of course!) If you are unable to view the movie via the player, please click here. Special thanks to Lisa Dumicich for the fabulous photo of Twitterers at the VITTA 2008 Conference. 🙂
Whilst it features photos of those in my PLN that I was fortunate enough to work with or meet in 2008, its purpose is to say thank you to everyone.  The amazing support that you have provided me is truly appreciated.  You are indeed my “Twitter Angels”!

4 thoughts on “My Personal Learning Network

  1. How honoured I am to be part of your PLN as well. PLNs play such an important role in the uptake of web2.0 and I love knowing all the people that I do and being able to share. Happy New Year to you, Lucy and look forward to working with you in 2009.

  2. I too am honoured to be part of your PLN. Incredibly, it was one of my Year Two students who intoduced me to OneTrueMedia. Isn’t this what it’s all about – having the support and encouragement, learning with and from each other, no matter the age!

  3. Andrew, the most important thing that I needed to mention re Twitter was the fact that it was *you* who introduced me to it! I cannot imagine life without it! I remember a few months ago people were tweeting about “the first person they followed on Twitter”. I didn’t even have to go to the site to enter my Twitter username to find out. I knew it was you that I owed so much to. Thanks Andrew, for allowing me to “follow” you and for introducing me to such a valuable tool! 🙂

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