The Digital Excellence Awards Program

Dr John Ingram

Last term, we were fortunate enough to have award-winning UK Educator, Dr John Ingram, visit our school to give a presentation about The Digital Excellence Awards Program. We then visited Lynbrook Primary School where we saw, first-hand, this exciting program in action.

We welcomed Dr John back to our school where he demonstrated his exciting program to our Junior School and ICT Staff.

Click here for more information about Dr John Ingram and the Digital Excellence Awards Program.

We used CoverItLive during the presentation to blog live. Click the green Play Replay button below to view the live blog.

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One thought on “The Digital Excellence Awards Program

  1. It was a privilege to listen to Dr John Ingram & hear details of the Digital Excellence Awards Program. This program seems perfect for our school. It provides the entire ICT framework required from Prep to Year 6 to develop highly skilled, IT-literate students. There is no chance involved. All necessary knowledge and skills are taken into account thanks to the comprehensive nature of the program. And all of the curriculum links make Digital Excellence very teacher friendly. I am very excited about the positive impact that this program will have. Computer hardware and software will be upgraded and staff and student expertise will all develop markedly. Digital Excellence will propel our school to the forefront in the area of ICT.

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