Visit to Montsalvat, Eltham, Victoria

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Monsalvat is a stunning property in the leafy suburb of Eltham in Victoria.  It provided the perfect setting for us to reflect and create our final mobile blog post after our trip to Melbourne.

Our time in Melbourne provided us with the ideal opportunity to test Utterli and its cross-posting feature.    This facility takes blogging to a whole new level and is mobile learning at its best!

Many thanks to Steve Collis, for introducing me to Uttleri and to my twitter friends for their wonderful advice on this exciting use of technology!  My delicious links have more information about mobile blogging.

I am VERY excited about exploring its uses with teachers and students at our school and learning more about how other schools are using mobile blogging! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Visit to Montsalvat, Eltham, Victoria

  1. Great to read about your use of utterli. How did you actually use it? Did you use your mobile phone or did students use theirs? If so, was it an expensive use of the technology? Does it drop into the blog as a podcast and if so will it convert to text at all? Tell us more as I agree that mobile technology is an exciting field to explore.

  2. Okay, I always do everything in a hurry and just noted the mp3 file at the top of your post and yes, it is a wonderful means of capturing the moment.

  3. I have also been playing with Utterli. I think it has real potential and will allow me to do some things that I really couldn’t do any other way – except with a lot of messing around. It’s the simplicity of it that I love. And the cross-posting feature is the best part of all. It takes what would have been a pretty good tool and makes it almost perfect. Unfortunately my classes have all but finished for the year, but I will definitely be using this next year. The cost is a small consideration…but then we expect kids to pay for all sorts of things – books, excursions, materials…expecting them to pay for phone calls, is not too outrageous, is it?

  4. I like the idea and can’t wait to test its value in the ‘Outdoor Learning Sanctuary’. I can see great benefit in the live ‘airing’ of lessons, especially for those unable to attend. This is really ‘natty’!

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