Hot chocolate, a massage, relaxing in the sun…Could this be the ICTEV Conference? (Part 2)

Time to go...

Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to attend a number of conferences – all of them enjoyable and highly worthwhile. However, I have to say that the ICTEV Conference provided a number of “firsts” for me! This was the first conference to provide coffee stands for attendees, hence the hot chocolate that had me so wound up for the rest of the day! The “3 Minute Angels” provided a three minute massage to relax and de-stress attendees. And lastly, the gorgeous Autumn weather and the beautiful setting of Melbourne Grammar meant that during every break I bolted for the park benches by the oval with my hot chocolate. I felt very spoiled!
Apart from witnessing the inspirational Margaret Meijers, as mentioned in my previous post, I came away from the Conference with plenty to take back to my school.
> An excellent Excel tool to plot student progress in ICT against the VELS progression points
> A wonderful example of a Year 8 History Blog – just the thing I had hoped to come away with in order to encourage our teachers to start blogging for a wider audience, not just as part of our intranet
> Feeling even more motivated to get Kahootz up-and-running at our school after using version 3 – I don’t think I have heard so many oooh’s and aaah’s in 45 minutes as I heard during the Kahootz workshop!
> And an idea that stemmed from a ‘Virtual Schools’ presentation – why can’t I run an online PD session that does not require face-to-face attendance by staff? I have now set up our first Tablet PC Online Meeting where, for the first time, staff will not be required to book in for a session and attend in person. I am very much looking forward to writing a post about that experience.
So now it’s “time to go”. That is, time to act and implement the many ideas that are now racing through my mind after another wonderful ICT Conference!

One thought on “Hot chocolate, a massage, relaxing in the sun…Could this be the ICTEV Conference? (Part 2)

  1. RE: Providing Online PD/Meetings:
    I have just discovered an Adobe site, which contains a great product called ConnectNow. It is similar to Elluminate but appears to be easier to setup and has a very simple and sleek interface. I am quite impressed with the initial testing and am looking forward to setting up an online meeting within our school setting.

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