Do you believe in signs?


Despite the fact that I am passionate about ICT and especially Web 2.0, I never felt the need to have my own blog.
“Do you have a blog?” people would ask and I would reply, “Naaah” as if to say, “Why would I need one of those?”
I believe in signs and it was a number of very clear ones that finally encouraged me to the take the plunge!
I have been inspired by wonderful educators like John Pearce, Andrew Douch and more recently, Marcia Phillips’ work as part of the Schools Library Association of Victoria.
John, Andrew and Marcia work in completely different fields of education – John as a primary teacher, Andrew as a Biology teacher and Marcia as a teacher-librarian.
To me, education is the most wonderful field to work in! An industry in which we constantly learn, share, support and laugh with one another.
So now I’m not going to ignore the signs any longer. Maybe I do have something to share after all!

One thought on “Do you believe in signs?

  1. Welcome to the big pond Lucy, what a privilege to be able to be the first to comment. I shall add you to the Feed Reader so I can keep up with all of the tomes of wisdom that will no doubt soon begin to flow.

    Great to catch up with you on Saturday again too.

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